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Full Version: sqLite database manager app ...
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I thought I'd post one of the things I had been been messing with :

Not really very well tested or anything, but something people may want to play with.

I'll make a post about the next release in the next few days, there are a LOT more experimental features in the current build, so chances are it'll be another preview ... But I have been very busy with work and "life" lately so who knows when I'll release :-(

Thanks John, it works also as a nice example!

I wonder why you used Fl_Help_View for the output. Is that the only way to have formatted multiline text?

I think it depends on how much formatting you need. MurgaLua provides the Fl_Browser classes, which can perform limited formatting such as colored/bold/italics/monospace text, but if you want much more than that, html is the only option. HTML is a little more universal, too. The same text can be save as a file and viewed in any web browser.
In fact playing with app made me finally implement proper bindings for Fl_Text_Buffer, Fl_Text_Display ... and Fl_Text_Editor.

I also have a basic implementation of Fl_Table ( ...

All this will be in the next release.

The reason why I used Fl_Help_View is because I was playing with that and wanted (in a future version), to change the output from text to tabular HTML, etc ...

John de Murga
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