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Full Version: Undocumented feature for Windows users
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Windows executables are a funny thing, and that's why Java has "java.exe" and "javaw.exe", or python has "python.exe" and "pythonw.exe".

Up to now murgaLua would have been the equivalent "murgaLuaw.exe", but it is now compiled as a console app, this means it'll always bring bring up that handy console window.


What if you don't want the console window ?

Then there is a handly little patcher I prepared that'll patch the one byte in the PE header that it takes to get rid of the console in Windows.

It's creatively called "no console patch.exe" and can be found in the along with the windows murgaLua executable.


Norton Antivirus for Windows, up to whatever the latest is as of January 2014, has been throwing fits at this patch exe for years.

Norton's reasoning is "I don't know what it is, nobody has ever used this program, you should probably not touch it, i'm deleting it!"

I've never tried this app so it I don't miss it when it gets deleted.
Thought you should know about that.
Something i've thought about from time to time is the all-in-one mode of packaging murgaLua...can't say i've ever understood the logic behind that. In just about any other project with multiple binary versions you find those versions made available as separate downloads. This not only provides a smaller download for users (most users won't be needing more than one version), but also gives the developer a better idea of what the user base is, and how (if at all) it changes. It would also make it more convenient for things like this...In a windows package you could include both full binaries (or even as separate windows packages), and no troubles with dumb antivirus programs. Along a similar line, if there are ever 64-bit versions made they wouldn't suddenly double the size of the murgaLua package if they were made available separately.
I will correct that in the next release ...

Which is coming at some point.

Apologies for the unreplied mails.

JohnMurga Wrote:
I will correct that in the next release ...

Which is coming at some point.

Apologies for the unreplied mails.

So very happy to hear from you John!
Happy New Year!

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