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Full Version: possible callback inconsistency?
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I'm not sure if I'm just misunderstanding the logic in using callbacks, if there's something I'm overlooking, or if there is an inconsistency.

Let's assume you have the following pseudo function:

function funk(a,b,c)
do a command
maybe do something else

Now assume a button named "button", which is used to call funk. If you don't use any parameters, you can set it up like this:


If you need to use funk's parameters, you apparently must create a second function to use as the callback, like this for example:

function(button) funk("hay","bee","sea") end

If this seemingly redundant function is not created, the callback is done immediately when the application runs. This occurs if the callback is create like this:


It doesn't seem logical or consistent to have to change the way a callback is defined just because you want to pass a parameter to the function. It also seems unnecessary to create a function in order to call a function.
Am I missing something? Maybe I've been defining callbacks incorrectly?

I've noticed the same thing. I don't believe that "pure" Lua acts that way though.
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