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Full Version: The future of MurgaLua and the SPAM on this board
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OK ...

The SPAM situation on here is now too much, and the only way I can see to control it is to manually go through everyone who tries to register ...

So I ask anyone who creates an account to send me an e-mail, so that I may activate it and they start posting ...

As far as murgaLua 0.6 ... Yes, it'll come out soon, but I've been way too busy with my new house, my new job, and my new lady :-)

I'll be confirming the new features next week, but I know a few people on here who will be very-very happy :-)

And I have a rig to do Mac-Intel builds now, so I'll be building and testing Win32, Linux and MAc myself before release ...

Anyway, I'm abroad, so I'll catch you guys later.

Hi John,

I found this in the MyBB forum:
Perhaps it helps. Don't know much about MyBB, but seems simple and up to date.

Anything that can help get rid of the spam would be great.
I was hoping my mod powers would allow me to delete it but it only allows reporting, need a god like hand of death.

I just move to a new house too so haven't had much time to code and there is so much cool iGame3D stuff I'd love to share here, hopefully soon.
Well, we have no more SPAM.

Since there seems to be a chilling silence here, I just want to say that I found a way to handle serial data in a nonblocking way without the serial module, in Linux.

You just have to do os.execute("stty -F /dev/ttySx -icanon min 0 wait 0") and then reads to /dev/ttySx wont block.
I am now trying to see it these file handles can be used with copas...


pdinoto Wrote:
Well, we have no more SPAM.

The rate of SPAM was getting out of hand ... I had about 14 registration attempts over the last 24 hour period, and they all looked like spammers - Something has put this forum squarely in their radar, so I am happy I restricted access when I did :-)


They use bots that sift the internet for php forums, I've seen MUCH worse than here, like 100 per day in some places. I had forums and blog commenting at and shut out all access because of spam. Even mega-sites like facebook, myspace, and youtube get spam botted to hell.

I'm in favor of public executions of spammers, dropping them from helicopter into a pit of crocodiles sounds effecient.
..or a pit of helicopters.

I find it amazing that there are people who defend this behavior as being just another form of advertising. However, it's the digital equivalent of people sticking flyers to your windshield while your driving. I already detest most forms of "traditional" advertising, for the overwhelming amount of dishonesty, deception, and the lack of any moral substance found within marketing in general. The unsolicited act of stealing bandwidth, time, and energy from a non-commercial community for the purpose of increasing personal wealth should be a criminal offense if it isn't already.
I am amazed that there IS a sizeable amount of people that respond to that advertising...
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