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Full Version: How to advertise?
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asafp Wrote:
Then, I started thinking about some things that would be nice to have. The first thing would be a split function that works like what is available in awk/python/perl. Now, I know it's not too difficult to code such a thing with existing string and loop functions, but think it could be justified to make it a standard part of murgalua.

I think you should take a look at :


I had no trouble replacing "split" like functionality ... And to make it more efficient I added the "string file" stuff.

If you are still not convinced after looking at the links, and playing around with stuff like gmatch, then suggest the exact syntax you'd like to see.
Bare in mind I reserve judgment ;-)

asafp Wrote:
I don't have a lot of gripes about lua, but one is ~= for not equal. I'm not a big fan of that. It causes me a great deal of consternation when other languages I use on a regular basis use != and <> for not equal. I know it sounds trivial, but little things like that can stop somebody from learning a new language. Could murgalua accept any of the three variations?

I have to totally agree with you on that, and it is my most common error when writing ANY script in lua ... But at the same time I want the core LUA syntax to remain unchanged, as the whole point is that murgaLua is based on STANDARD lua :-)

You do get used to it ... Take it from me :-(


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