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Full Version: Segmentation Fault w/browser or text_editor
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I also get Bus Errors, but that maybe have been fixed.
I'll attach the docs and crash logs.

This is basically Tobi's original code, and it works in the console and script editor,
but I can't make it work here, it was sent by the level1Clicked function below.

function fillRawData(...)
    local str=""
    local i=1
    while arg[i]~= nil do
        if str=="" then
            str=str.."    "..tostring(arg[i])
    local l_offset=#rawData_buf:text()

It segfaults all the time. So I tried several hacks, all bad, this latest:

function level1Clicked(w)
if w:value()>0 then    
-- a number index to func name and docs data

    if funN ~= nil then
    -- a string from the table
        if docs ~= nil then  rawData:insert(docs.."\n") end
end  -- level1Clicked

Works the first click, second click = Segfault

Any clues?

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