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Full Version: Image and Tile Projects
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Over in the slicing images thread

mikshaw Wrote:
I've been wondering what other uses getTiles could have.

I have some projects I intend to build, so I thought I'd share my imagination.

First up, converting serial files (1.png,2.png,3.png,etc) into a singlefile like so:

iGame3D presents those as animation frames on 3D surfaces and particles.
The grid portion is not usually part of the file.

iGame3D can interactively focus parts of an image to map surfaces,
and so I would like to combine many textures into single files like this.

I did that in photoshop, and it takes too long everytime.
Such a set up would allow me to use a single image on a single model type to effectively appear to be a number of different kinds of object by simply shifting scale and texture coordinates.

My AquaPoke application is lugging around 256 images.
With magic Murga tiling I can put them all into one.

Along that low bit strategy is a character/map editor that turns simple 2D into 3D

Which will somehow tie back into the GLFontMaker that I'll remake as soon as I'm wise enough.

Ultimately I should be able to figure how to build something as cool as a
Tomb Raider Level Editor

More Tomb Raider Editor.

I have no idea how to do it all yet.

Things I need to learn:
How to write a screen area to an image with alpha.
How to combine multiple images into a single image with alpha.
How to read a channel and turn it into vector graphics, if possible.

Good times ahead. Stay tuned.

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