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Full Version: iGame3D Binaries
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Ok I finally made Binaries of iGame3D available on sourceforge.
These are rather massive (160megs) and full of content.
I'll get it skimmed down to specific demonstrations in the future,
especially since it took nearly two hours to FTP these files to sourceforge.

This version is using murgaLua 0.6.4.
Drag and Drop works in Mac OS X dock for running lua scripts and converting/running Fluids .fl files.
Not sure how all that works in Windows.

Mac Universal Binary
iGame3D for windows

I'll apologize in advance for the incomplete nature of the user interface and any bugs you might find therein.
I also forgot the GPL license.

See the very brief read me for quick keyboard instructions.
Oh heck here they are

See html files Data/Help/ for scripting references.

Basic Game controls are:
W= forward
S= backward
A= slide left
D= slide right
Mouse to aim
Mouse-Click to shoot when available.

To switch to editing modes
Command and/or Control 1 = select objects
Command and/or Control  2 = select mesh vertices
Command and/or Control Space = Quad view toggle

Command and/or Control L = toggle mouse view
When mouseview is active or in 2D views:
Mouse will control camera facing
W= forward
S= backward
A= slide left
S= slide right
R= move up
F= move down

Scrollwheel will zoom in/out

We develop on OS X and I've only tested the Windows version in an emulator (which is sloooooooow).
Feedback on the that platform will help much.
For windows iGame3D will save information about your system to "extensions.txt".
If something should go wrong that file will help us help you,
so please send in an email (see email in read me).


* a note about opening FLUID interfaces and iGame3D levels from the file choosers.

The chooser will only look for a folder for these file types.
For example with Fluid it is looking for "Data/Fluid/Some_Name/" and upon choosing will open the file "Data/Fluid/Some_Name/Some_Name.fl"

For levels it will look for "Data/Levels/Level_Name/" and open "Data/Levels/Level_Name/load script.lua"

Ideally I want to do away with file choosers and handle everything from nice menus or browsers.
Once I figure out a clean way of doing that.

In recent developments we've added support for BVH motion capture data files.
Here's a little movie preview

Always something new.
i am interested of igame2d
because for single person dev
3d game has a large works
Well that is true, but 2D games also require a lot of work.

If someone integrates znarf's new audio library with the next
revision of murgaLua then we'll have the last missing essential
component for a murgaLua game making environment.

In the meantime 2D is possible in 3D, It just takes someone
to want to make it.
well,you are right,igame3d can do 2d job,but as you know,people who choose and like murgalua mostly like its size
so when i want to use a game lib,a small size lib will more fit my needs
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