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Full Version: a brief look at murgaLua 0.6.8
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Hi all,

I looked into the most recent murgaLua 0.6.8 package, and generally I was pleased by the plentitude of new features recently added.
While I was impressed by the possibilities of the luacom library (especially the speech synthetization example!), I nevertheless would opt to keep it out of official murgaLua main package, because it is completely specific to a single operating system. Wasn't it the main idea of murgaLua to provide a common runtime which runs on all supported platforms identically? I do not have any objections against providing luacom as an optional add-on package.
Similarly, I personally would not include the win32 specific parts of luasys. Furthermore, it looks like there are some overlaps between luasys and luasocket. For the sake of staying small, it would be useful to leave them out, however, I'm pretty aware that this makes maintenance more difficult.

One general problem of the recent additions is their general lack of documentation. As first step they should be mentioned somewhere in the doc/murgaLua.html page at least.

Best regards and thanks for all your hard work,
murgaLua, a year later, a materialization taking place.
Like the opening scene of TRON in very slow motion. :-)

My Links sticky thread, needs constant updating of the latest thrills and should be echoed in the Wiki.
As soon as I figure out how to add pages, files, and links.

We should do something with this Chat
A weekly meeting of the Knights of Murga?

iGame3D Wrote:
We should do something with this Chat
A weekly meeting of the Knights of Murga?

Nice thing, the wiki. Can you make me an account?

What about a simple IRC channel on freenode?




LuaCom is not part of core murgaLua, however, finding a version that is compatible with murgaLua is nigh on impossible ...
So I am bundling the pre-build DLL so people can play with this on Windows.

I have to make this clear in the docs.

The LuaSys integration has to be tidied up, and yes, it is my intention to remove all the system specific stuff.

jpjacobs Wrote:
Nice thing, the wiki. Can you make me an account?

Done :-)

jpjacobs Wrote:
What about a simple IRC channel on freenode?

Well, at the moment I have a couple of issues ...

I am not finding time to do anything, and what we really need is a nice and tidy murgaLua 0.6.8 release. The binaries are final (apart from the Mac build which I have to redo), but the release as a whole is a mess as it lacks proper documentation and support files.

I am working on this ...
But I just don't have much time over the next few weeks.

And my other problem is that I am going on holiday for a two an a half weeks soon, which means I'll probably have exactly zero time for computer stuff.

Either way I have to sort out version 0.6.8 of murgaLua in some way before I go on holiday.

Then, when I get back there will be a 0.6.9 at some point ... And then a longer pause as I try to really sort out the documentation, examples, fl_tree, fl_table, etc ... But that would be for 0.7.0

John de Murga

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