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Full Version: Lua from FLUID generator
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I wrote a new tool in plain Lua to convert FLUID project files into murgaLua scripts, because the two existing tools convertFluidToMurgaLua and fluid parser were too limited for what I trying to do.
This new tool supports virtually all features of FLUID (classes, widget classes, menus, inline callbacks, internationalization …) and tries to keep the generated code readable.
In the attachment are the Lua generator script and a documentation file in HTML. There are surely a number of remaining bugs, although I already tested with a number of FLUID files. Please let me know.
Wow great work on the docs.
You can include our FLTK hack in future versions of
the document, instead of linking to the forum post.

I'll have to test this with iGame3D soon.

I have so much to catch up on, its been three months since
I did any scripting and UI editing. Maybe next month it will
be too hot to leave the air conditioning and the code. Joy.
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