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Full Version: RE: Abuse of license
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I'm really sorry to hear that DSL ditched MurgaLua, it really makes it less worth to me at least.
This just to say that I really appreciate your work on it, and I would very much like to be able to enjoy futur versions of MurgaLua.
So take the time you need, but please don't let this project bleed to death as lots of others do.
Any way, heads up, don't let this get to you too much!

If I could do anything to help, please let me know.



Thanks for the support, I just ask you to be patient with me while think about what I am going to do with the project. I love working on murgaLua, but I don't want my efforts to be undermined by folks on a another project.

The fact they did it illegally is a technicality as they could have done it legally, but either way I have address the issue to save myself further disappointments in the future.

Thanks again

Hi John,

I am seriously concerned by these posts and just want to support Jan-Pieter's words. From my own feeble open-source projects I know that these strong emotional ties one has towards one's own babies, and it really hurts if one of them is treated inappropriately. Nevertheless, letting the baby starve might not be the most constructive response.

murgaLua is a great example of a small open-source project which just fills an evident gap: there is just no other platform-independent runtime environment which allows programmers to create general purpose GUI applications which just work on such a wide range of machines with virtually no deployment annoyances. For a single-person project this is a really really great achievement.

So I'd like to encourage you to stay on your original development path, and rather introduce the license changes just when you have decided on them. Everything else would raise serious concerns regarding the future and life expectancy of murgaLua, and potentially deter people from using it and investing in it in an appropriate way.

All the best,

Things appear to have been resolved, please be patient.

I'll be posting my ideas (along with a couple of fixes), soon.

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