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Full Version: the future direction of murgaLua revisited
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is it just me who is still seriously concerned about the implications of the DSL incident? Now a few weeks have passed, and I've noticed a significant decline in traffic at this forum. I still hope for some clarifying words by John on his further intentions and future direction regarding murgaLua. But for now I'm trapped within some uncanny doubts. Is the project still alive? Will there be some changes regarding the licensing of future versions?

The whole incident has left me with concerns about the sustainability of projects basically depending on the motivation of a single developer. For me, as an individual developer, I have to ask myself whether it is really wise to invest into such a platform by learning it and creating a certain codebase to be maintained later on, when the fragility of such a basis becomes very obvious, even although we can assume the best goodwill and dedication of the main developer.

I have to ask these questions now, because I'm in the process of deciding about the platform of my next project. I really would be saddened if I had to move on to a different platform like Portable Python, Adobe AIR, or even Java, because I still appreciate murgaLua as an unmatched combination of simple system scripting and text/XML processing, GUI with easy deployment and portability. I'd really happy to keep it.

Any clarifications (by John) or suggestions (by other formerly happy murgaLua users) would be warmly welcome.

All the best to all of you,
If it means anything, I'd like to say I appreciate all the effort John has put into this extremely powerful and yet tiny product.

And znarf, I'd rather have my ass caned in Singapore than have to code in Java.
You're feeling doubt where it is unneeded, in my opinion.
It looks as though development may have been put on hold while John focuses on other projects. That definitely doesn't imply it has been abandoned. Also, keep in mind that as long as there are existing GPL releases of a project, you are in no danger of ever losing the existing functionality of the project regardless of its future direction, and the potential of ongoing development is always there in some form.

I can't speak for other users, but I have been much less focused on computer stuff in general, even before the incident, due to a much greater focus on more important work (winter is the only time i do a lot of puter stuff) and ongoing hardware failures that kill my motivation. From what I have seen for years in other forums, summertime tends to slow internet activity in many places, simply because people are going out and doing other stuff.

mikshaw is partly correct ...

However, I have been contacted directly by a few people on this and I want to make following clear :

  • murgaLua is not dead.
  • I am still tinkering with the code, and will release fixes to the current build at some point.
  • I am working on other things, and the time of year is not conducive to spending a lot of time indoors.

I also have to address issues arisen from recent events, and this may mean that I have to create "lite", "standard" and "enterprise" versions.

Either way I'll probably make an announcement around the time I release the latest fixes (soon I hope).

And don't worry, there won't be any fundamental changes to murgaLua, and no major incompatibilities to the code you write now.

Hi together,

thanks a lot for your reassuring words. This was just the pinch of good news that made my day. So I follow your wise example and just enjoy the beautiful evening, and start thinking about my next *murgaLua* project on rainy saturday...

Best regards,
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