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Full Version: murgaLua.sleep
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On WinDoh!s, I get "[string "murgaLua"]:172: attempt to call field 'sleepMilliseconds' (a nil value)"

On Linux, it seems to work, but murgaLua.sleep(7) seems to sleep for 7 seconds and not 7 milliseconds as documented.



Sleeps for the specified number of miliseconds without taxing the system.
Which version are you using ?

There was a regression, but I thought it was fixed in recent builds.

John de Murga
Linux version 0.6.6.
Windows 0.6.0
It does work with 0.6.8 downloaded from
murgaLua.getHostOsName() returns "linuxStatic" on Linux.

Documentation states 'Returns the OS murgaLua was build for, currently one of "linux", "windows" or "macos"'.
alien.platform serves the same purpose, but it yields 'linux' and murgaLua.getHostOsName() yields 'linuxStatic'.
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