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Full Version: the opengl support in fltk?
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from the fltk document i know that fltk can support opengl
but it dont give any demo script to show how to use it
so i want to get help from this forum
who can give a demo to show this?

the 3rd party lib in murgaLua like sqlite seems do not works in my system ,so i ask if the 3rd party lib was not include in murgaLua??if that,can Mr murga compile the 3rd party lib?it's because i am not a c coder,what i have use are all script language

FTLK support in murgaLua does not include OpenGL, if that is what you are looking for I'd recommend iGame3d :

I'd like to know what system you are running and kind of error you are getting, as if you are running MacOS or Windows the sqLite support is built in ... And if you are running Linux you can always use the all-in-one executable.

3rd party lib binaries work on Windows and Linux (tested by myself), I haven't tried on MacOS.

John de Murga
thank u for the help
so it means that i can not use the opengl support in murgaLua,a pitty.

the error occur on my windows system ,i download your murgaLua tarball and exact it to disk
when i try the demo script named sqltest ,it do not show anything,i think it might to create a db file

ps:thanks for all your working for this,murgaLua is very useful to make small tool for us.
Ah, the sqLite demo ... You have to run the script from the same directory ...

So "cd" to the examples\sqlTool directory, then do :

..\..\bin\Windows\murgaLua sqlTool.lua

Then go to the "File" menu and select "Create and open demo DB".

This will create a DB in memory for you to play with.

John de Murga
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