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Full Version: UTF8 support and FL_Table.
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This is something that has been requested a few times.

And the last snapshot of FLTK 1.3 starts to support it in a way that is very friendly to murgaLua ... So I'll be trying to port the current code to it.

The other thing that is also always requested is Fl_Table ... I have a simple version that works (and FL_SimpleTable), however that code is a little more involved and I am still tidying up.

I am hoping to release a UTF8 build with a few more fixes this weekend.

It could include a preview of FL_Table and MurgaSrv ... But I doubt it.


PS : MurgaSrv ... You'll see :-)
Hi johnM,

When? I can see your Fl_Table binding? Cool
I'm waiting...

When it's 1/2 finished ... Like most of what I do :-)

Pretty soon I think ...

I was hoping to make it this weekend, but it doesn't look I'll get time.

I have a whole bunch of stuff to do for my better half ... So I'll be close.

And next weekend I am on hols.

is it included in murgaLua's latest version of utf8 support?

jyf1987 Wrote:
is it included in murgaLua's latest version of utf8 support?

My current working version has UTF8 support, as provided by FLTK 1.3.
I have been making a shocking amount of changes for personal projects ...
But I haven't been documenting much :-(

I will release when I get time to write things up, however, I am on a bit of an extended holiday in the Med right now :-)

John de Murga

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