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Full Version: Lua Murga as Lua Library
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Hi all,

i´m very interested in lua features...and i saw the luamurga project, hey J. Murga good job!, but i searching for a fltk library in lua 5.1...i´m a begginer yet, so C code looks like a E.T. language!... Big Grin
i know that C programers can do it quickly and easyer, so anyone can
help me in build a fltk library to lua´s all that i need!
i will refer in my code about autor, it´s not a problem
i have the same goal that e
verybody that program to linux and win32...
make a code cross-plataform...and i know that i can do it with you help!...thanx to all!
This subject keeps on coming up ...

I apologize in advance for what may seem like a terse response :-(

murgaLua was devised as a standalone environment that could remain
consistent across many platforms, and I feel that breaking up its parts
into libraries would harm this consistency.

From my own perspective the last thing I want to do is loose focus
and end up supporting libraries :-(

Although I licensed the FLTK bindings to the iGame3d guys this was an
exception due to the nature of their project and not something I really
would want to repeat (if possible).

You are of course welcome to use any of the code in murgaLua for your
own purposes as long as you respect the licenses and retain the right
copyright notices. So in the case of the FLTK bindings this would be the
full GPL v2 and my copyrights.

However, this not something I'll support or condone here or elsewhere.

Sorry ...

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