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Full Version: New release out before the end of the year
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Sorry I have been kinda quiet lately, I haven't had time for anything.

There will be a new full major release out before the end of the year ...
I have a few days off and will get time to sort out and tidy up all kinds of things I've been working on.

The forum will also be upgraded and hopefully the e-mail features and stuff will work now.

Glad you are back John!
I'm waiting for yours newer binding..
and don't forget am waiting for fl_table binding in murgaLua..

BTW be sure when you release it that you fix these errors on the page in the 6.6.0 release notes:
ralted => altered?
Creaded a murgaLua.fileCopy method for farter file copy operations.
=> Created a murgaLua.fileCopy for faster file copy operations.


Just dropping by to say Happy Holidays to everyone.
Whatcha'll working on?

In the past week I made a little map editor tool,
based on scripts in a Lua version of the old Dungeon Master game.

From there I made it 3D.

Then I added textures and zombies!

Thanks John and Mikshaw for your hard work which made this possible.
Just what I always wanted for the holidays, infinite dungeons filled with undead. yay!
Dunno what I did to impact this particular part of the project, but thanks for making me grin =o)

Happy holidays!
FYI - Release will be specifically 4th January 2009

So not REALLY before the end of the year ...


Actually ...

I should NEVER give out dates, because I always slip.

I hope to release any day now ... Sorry.


I should NEVER give out dates, because I always slip.

I'm in complete agreement. I'm still waiting for a FLTK version of Cinepaint, 3 or 4 years after the release date was publicly announced =o)

Heh, checking the forums for an update is like a very long Christmas Eve peeking out around the corner to see whats under the tree.
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