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Full Version: Lua stand-alone audio library
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while waiting for the much-anticipated murgaLua 0.7 release, I've done my best to close a gap in the Lua library module landscape. If you are interested in a free cross-platform stand-alone Lua audio library compatible to with murgaLua, have a look at proteaAudio.

I didn't want your hard work going unappreciated.
Good job.

Wish I new the first thing about doing something with an audio library.
That is VERY cool :-)

Apologies for my delay in releasing 0.7 :-(
i dont know cpp programming,recently i am learning pure C programming,hope i can do a favor

thank you for your encouraging words and a special thanks to jyf1987 for his testing and suggestions for improvements. I've uploaded a new proteaAudio version today which includes an example for dynamically generating sound samples in Lua. It's nice to work with a language that allows such things in a few lines of code...

I really like the idea of having a lua soundlib, even if I don't know yet what to do with itSmile
Just a little hint: it would be nice if you pack the zipfiles to unzip in their own directory.
so to cd .. before zipping. That way it's easier to unpack them without clobbering the current directory.
For the rest: keep up the good work!
Hmm, I can't get it to work with murgaLua 0.6.9.
It throws me this error:

> require'proAudioRt'
error loading module 'proAudioRt' from file './':
./ undefined symbol: luaL_register
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function 'require'
stdin:1: in main chunk
[C]: ?

While it works nicely in plain lua5.1.
Hope this gets a workaround for the new 0.7 release Smile

it's quite useful to me,:]
but i still dont know how you generate the wav data in your example 2
recently i am using lua-gd and found it magicly
but after see your example 2,i found it more magicly!

jpjacobs Wrote:
It throws me this error:

> require'proAudioRt'
error loading module 'proAudioRt' from file './':
./ undefined symbol: luaL_register

Phew, I must admit I've tested murgaLua compatibility only under Windows, whereas I tested proteaAudio under Linux only with plain Lua.
Basically I see two possible explanations:
- the method luaL_register is not present in Linux murgaLua
- the shared object (generated in Ubuntu 7.10 32bit) module is not binary compatible with your distribution. I do not have much experience with generating compatible Linux binaries, I just know that this could be an issue, especially if the code is C++ internally.

I'll check and let you know! If everything fails, there is at least the source distribution...

@jyf1987: in order to understand what's going on when generating the sine sample, it's best to look at the generated wave data table visually. It's a great feature of murgaLua that it always allows you accessing FLTK's drawing functions easily...

i think i need to learn some knowledges about sound,:]

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