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Full Version: John,does murgaLua has a offical icon?
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i want to add murgaLua to slitaz and many other minilinux's start menu insteading of the Lua interpreter,so i need a icon for it
would you please shows an offical icon?
I thought this was the official logo, from the overview page.
Unfortunately it stinks for a desktop icon. Anything with one- or two-pixel lines at more than 48 pixels as a total image size is going to look terrible when scaled down. The only thing you'll get out of that is the main blue circle, which is essentially just the Lua logo.

I'm thinking something like the Lua logo with a piece of FLTK or other graphic overlaid to show the extended usability of murgaLua might be more appropriate
mikshaw,i agree with you
i think the offical logo of murgaLua need to base on Lua logo and changge something(color?shape?) to show its powerful and multiple extended

anyway,it depends on John
i just do not want people mix up murgaLua and Lua from logo
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