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Full Version: iGame3D's uDeadGame
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Oh while I was on the road I totally forgot my password and didn't have
access to my email archives, so I grabbed a new account, then yesterday I was
testing the uDevgames site and had to clear out all my cookies,etc.

When I came back today and tried my usual login and pass it
didn't take so I went with the first one I found.

Not sure if the password retrieval is working on this forum yet.
Sometime last summer I tried five passwords a day for about two weeks
before I gave up and asked John to fix it for me.
Winners of the uDevGames competition were announced today at

uDeadGame pulled a third place win for Best Overall Game thanks to your support.

Now that UDG 2008 is over and its back to the drawing board I can reveal some cheats and hacks.

First to reveal the cheat keys of the game.

Caps Lock = permanent rush, zombies win about 98% of the time

"+" on the keypad throws grenades
Just stretch a thumb from your mouse and nuke the level as much as you want.
You can make more zombies by blasting people or just blow things up.

Cheat Keys are probably disabled on Windows.
can be modified to create new key bindings or activate these cheats.

Replacing the text inside the file: uDeadGame/Data/Levels/default/load script.lua with this:

-- Begin of auto-script
LockScript = true
-- End of auto-script
if UIMainTools then UIMainTools:hide() end

Will give you the full fledged undocumented buggy no undo iGame3D editor. That will look something like this

Clicking on the little zombie face will give you the "UDG_Options" window.
You'll be able to choose any level in the game from there.
The rest of the options don't do anything at all.
They were planned and never actually implemented.

The rest of the editor? I don't even know where to start.
As usual a ton of stuff works, a ton of stuff doesn't.
The game contains maybe 1% of the content I'm hoarding at sourceforge.

For now cheats and level skips might give you a new perspective of the game.
If you haven't made it to the Arcades this is the way to go.
If you want to see hordes of humans that rush the zombies its the level names ending with 'hard'.

I had plans for revealing this after everyone had a chance
for an initial test run before deadline, but never got another build out until the deadline!

Didn't want to let people cheat on the outset and not be able to tell me what levels were actually
too difficult or get bored because they only saw the "zombie movie" side of the game.

Thanks to everyone who did their part.
More uDeadGame come!

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