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Full Version: murgaLua 0.7.0 coming soon
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mikshaw Wrote:
Is there a performance difference between running murgaLua_lite and running murgaLua -M2?
If there is little or no difference other than the file size on disk, I wonder if you are making extra work for yourself by having many different executables.

Yes, there is a noticeable performance implication under some scenarios.

And the "lite" if for environments without X.

Although theoretically it would be possible to create a M2 for non-threaded frame buffer systems (!), which is also a reason.


And how's murgaLua 0.7 going?
A time back I was again making publicity for murgaLua, but the person in question was a bit doubtful of using a package that hasn't had an official update in more than 2 years ...
You're loosing users this way.
Maybe it wouldn't be bad to publish at least a beta release at the website?


You are right.

I will release my current 0.7.x branch this weekend.

Still nowhere as polished as I would like, but it fixes all the reported issues and adds a few new cool features.

John de Murga
I'd click the "like" button multiple times, if there was a "like" button.

mikshaw Wrote:
I'd click the "like" button multiple times, if there was a "like" button.

Currently I have a couple of show stopper MacOS build bugs.
And I got the flu.

I will release as soon as I fix them, but it's not going to be tonight.

Hopefully tomorrow

John de Murga

OK ... Bugs where fixed

Mac/Linux/Win drop tomorrow

With unfinished new docs

Just finishing the release notes
Nice nice nice ! Thumbs up!
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