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Full Version: UPDATED - MurgaLua 0.7.0 Binaries
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Not the full release, but what will be the final binaries if I haven't made any mistakes (which is possible!). Documentation is still being re-written.

A post will follow with more info, but I just wanted to push this out ASAP so people have a chance to play with it (as some must be getting impatient).

All supported platforms are included.

Source and docs will be in the full release.

John de Murga

Love to have the new version Smile

However I noticed some things:
- Apparently there's something wrong with the sqltool; I get lot's of NULL's where should be other things...
- The drawsleep test segfaults here.

And the widgets demo is still beta 2, maybe it would be nice to have beta4 instead since it's a lot cooler Smile

But this looks like one hell of a release, eveything nicely cleaned up, you even included lunit!



OK, I messed up, there are problems with the Linux XFT build.

Please use the build under :


I will update the archive tonight with a new build that fixes the problem.

As for the "sqltool", there seem to be problems with SqLite under Linux too.

Other platforms seem OK, although I'll check tonight :-(

Update :

There is a problem with line drawing due to my aggressive optimizations in FLTK.

This affects all Unix platforms.

There is a bug with prepared statements in sqLite, this only affects Linux.

I have fixed the FLTK issue, however, the other one has me a little stumped at the moment.

John de Murga
So if I'm on Linux and don't use the sqlite features, the above link should be ok?
I'm not too concerned for now with whether or not the Xft version works.
The non-XFT Linux version will be fine apart from the SqLite issue.

And the fact I forgot to upgrade your demo :-)
(Which is now in there with a couple of tiny fixes).

The non XFT version is the bloatier static version which also uses OSS instead of ALSA.

Apparently MacOS and Windows are both 100% OK.

I have fixed the two problems and will push out updated binaries for the affected platforms.
The problem is due to linking to an old SqLitesec ... I have had to fix my patches as they where wrong.

And I have updated mikshaw's demos

I hope to get time tonight to do the builds
Both the static version and non-Xft version loaded without complaining in the one Linux system I tried.
So far everything seems to be working mostly smoothly. My internet system has several "outdated" libraries, including OSS, so I'll wait to try out sound when I boot into Debian or Tiny Core.

And I have updated mikshaw's demos

I tried to get back to working on Beta5 using murgaLua 0.7.0, and it's been so long I'm feeling lost. I can't even remember why I took out the external editor code =o)

EDIT: I made the mistake of waiting until i was half asleep to do testing in other distros, so i don't have much info, but tested the audio in Debian Etch and the standard murgaLua worked great. The non-Xft and static versions didn't work for the audio test. I don't know if they didn't work in Debian at all, since I was wanting to just sleep at the time and didn't pay much attention to the error messages =o)

I still have to test in Tiny Core and Pure:Dyne, so I'll be making a more reasonable summary of all systems when that happens.


New builds with all known issues fixed for all platforms.

Same link as above :

I have removed the drawSleep test as it was badly written (and that is why it was crashing sometimes anyway). I will post a new version using callbacks when I get a sec later on.

MikShaw, I updated your Widget demo (hacked a little and fixed a couple of typos), it is included in the snapshot ... I love the spud drop :-)

FYI, the "static" Linux versions use OSS as well as the BSD and Solaris ones. This is because it removes the ALSA dependency for older systems ... It may make sense to make a "static" ALSA build, I am open to suggestions.

FYI2, several 3rd party libs are patched in this release, like Proteaudio (you'll find the source in the archive).

Now I go back into documentation mode full time.

John de Murga
Can you build murgalua static for AMD64 platform? Will I have any problems with build it from source when murgalua 0.7.0 released?
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