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Full Version: Any thoughts on a MurgaLua facebook page?
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See thread title...I guess that's all I had to say.
I guess that's a good idea, but an up-to-date website is even more important I think. The last update on the site is about 3 years old ... That'll make about anyone think it's an abandoned project!


Jan-Pieter updates are a lot more work, though. A facebook page all you have to do is click a few buttons and done =o)
Well, I just hacked something together to facilitate the task of keeping a website up to date
just edit the config.lua to your needs: should contain a template for all pages (use @@keyword for keywords, which will be matched by gsub in the script).

config.post_title contains a template for the post title
config.post_body containts a template for the posts body
config.sections contains a table with all directories which should be looked through for converting posts to posts in the page
config.output should contain the name of the output directory, where the html's will be put.

now just make some section-directories, put in some markdown-coded .txt's, and run
murgaLua wman.lua config.lua

and there they are!

Feel free to use/ adapt /improve but don't blame me if it eats your dog Wink

Edit: Now checks whether output files are up to date before re-rendering them, should save time on big websites.


That's very interesting.

I forgot I had markdown already installed, so that was handy =o)
Never learned how to use it, though...I had planned to try some dynamic page building with it, but that idea just sort of got lost over time.
Definitely needs some CSS inserted...
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