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Full Version: Which FLTK version in murgaLua?
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I just noticed the FLTK documentation included with MurgaLua 0.4.1 is for FLTK 1.1.8 rather than the current stable 1.1.7. This doesn't bother me at all, I was just curious if you actually used 1.1.8. If so, I should probably consult that version of the docs rather than the stable version I've been reading.
The only doc that mentions the FLTK version, as far as I can tell, is the README that says "murgaLua uses FLTK 1.1.X".

On a semi-similar note, do you plan to use FLTK 2.x at any time in the semi-near future (depending on when it's "semi-stable", maybe)? I've never looked into it much, but it seems to be pretty good as far as features go. I just hope it won't be another mess like Gtk2, where it's so bulky and slow that a lot of developers just stick with the previous version.
Hi mikshaw,

The version used is always what is at :

I find the dev builds for 1.1.X have a LOT of bugfixes over 1.1.7 ...

Did do some experiments with FLTK 2.0, but I found it a little buggy.

That word "LOT" in caps makes me think there's probably a lot of bugfixes.
If you want to play with the FLTK 2.0 version of the bindings I can post it ...

It'll be missing all of my recent bug-fixes, and may be a bit incompatible ... But for playing it'll be OK :-)

The FLTK guys do a lot of snapshot builds, and in each one they fix a lot of bugs (specially on the Mac).

If you're willing to do that, it could be fun to experiment with it. Thanks. At the very least it would be an opportunity to become more familiar with what is happening in 2.0 development, since I don't have the C++ knowledge to do much of anything with FLTK by itself.

mikshaw Wrote:
If you're willing to do that, it could be fun to experiment with it.

I second that. I wonder what will break.

fltk2.0 support unicode so it can support our esten country chars
i think murgaLua with fltk2.0 will be more useful for i18n
The last time I tried 2.0 it had a few problems ...

I am in the process of converting the binding to 2.0 again, to see how it works now.

John de Murga
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