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Full Version: murgaLua-0.5.PREVIEW ... Out now
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I was thinking I might want to try bundling iPakk for compression on MacOS (to be used instead of UPX).

Could someone give it a go ?

(Params : --lzma-round-inf --lzma-round-n 20)

ok not knowing what I'm doing, I installed iPakk and inserted the iPakk action at this point

## If there is a MacOS upx equivalent it would be nice to do something like
## upx --lzma bin/MacOs-Intel/fluid
## But assuming there isn't

## Lets try iPakk
iPakk --lzma-round-inf --lzma-round-n 20

## we next build murgaLua
make macos
cd bin
mv murgaLua MacOs-Intel

Which fed out to console with this:

iPakk v0.27 © 2007, pontscho / fresh!mindworkz

? input file is missing...

What am I supposed to do there?

Add the input file ;-)

iPakk --lzma-round-inf --lzma-round-n 20 bin/MacOs-Intel/fluid

And then, after the "mv murgaLua MacOs-Intel"

iPakk --lzma-round-inf --lzma-round-n 20 bin/MacOs-Intel/murgaLua

I suspect ...

Don't forget, you don't have to run iPakk within the build, you can run it agaist the executables you already have to see if it's any good.

hmm With :
Pakk --lzma-round-inf --lzma-round-n 20 bin/MacOs-Intel/murgaLua

I get:

? 'bin/MacOs-Intel/murgaLua' is unknown parameter
- 1 unknown parameter.
? wrong command line parameter.

Same deal for Fluid.

Why do I always try weird new command line stuff with only two hours sleep?

OK, I looked and according to the docs the command line is something like :

iPakk -i <input file> -o <output file>

So I think it would be something like :

iPakk -i bin/MacOs-Intel/murgaLua -o bin/MacOs-Intel/murgaLua_packed --lzma-round-inf --lzma-round-n 20


Not sure what I just did, but I did it, woohoo!
It made the executables smaller ... Much smaller in fact.

The murgaLua executable for macOs is now WELL UNDER 500k

Cool, I'll add this to the build ...

I'm assuming they work :-)

Yep they work! Oh now that my eyelids are open I see, yes they certainly are smaller.Pretty nifty.
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