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Full Version: alternative XML methods for murgaLua
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As written in the documentation, murgaLua's XML read/write abilities still are somehow provisional. Personally I especially miss the feature to write arbitrary XML data back to file in the same structure as read before.
Thus I've written a little Lua module which is loosely inspired by murgaLua's current approach to read XML data into normal Lua tables, but generally behaves more gently and consistently than before.
You find my current implementation at . I think it's now mature enough to completely replace murgaLua's current XML functionality.

If there is any interest to include these functions directly to murgaLua, I'd gladly do any necessary adaptations. If not, I'm fine with it as well, LuaXML can be easily loaded to murgaLua at runtime using Lua's normal package features.

Interesting :-)

I have actually been working on the XML API over the last few days as it happens ...

Find and saveAsImported methods are in there, but I am hoping I can learn something from what you've done.

I'll have a play with luaXml this weekend, thanks !

External drag-and-drop is also on my list ... In case you thought I forgot.

John Murga
That's very good news :-) !

I'm looking forward to your solutions for drag and drop as well as for the XML API. If you find some lines of my code useful for your solution, just feel free to grab them. I'm happily donating to this great project!

I finally figured out how to support also Lua's object-oriented syntax. I've added this now to LuaXML. If you are interested, you may grab an updated package at the same place .

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