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murgaLua 0.4.1 RELEASED - JohnMurga - 05-03-2007 09:23 AM


OK, I have totally updated this post :-)

0.4.1 has been rebuilt with Lua 5.1.2 and should work with popen now.

You can get it here :

Release notes :

murgaLua 0.4.1
2nd of May of 2007
Patch release to tidy up 0.4 release and provide MacOS support out of the box again.

    * Lua core upgraded to 5.1.2, this fixes several Lua specific bugs.
    * MacOs-Intel binaries are now included with the distribution.
      (Thanks to the guys over at
    * Fixed a build issue that meant that some things like "io.popen" where not available.
    * Fixed a couple of inconsistencies in the code and build file.
    * Some tweaks to the docs too :-)