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Ask a Murga - iGame3D - 02-11-2008 09:25 AM

Add your own questions and/or answers for the FAQ here.
I left out some deeper tutorial-ish "How to" questions for another page.

I did my FAQ in about a day...after five years of development.
So lets give John a five year jump. :-)

Special thanks to Chrimo.
I modified his iGame3D FAQ queries to create this list.

murgaLua FAQ

What is murgaLua?
What can I do with murgaLua?
Which operating systems are supported?
What license is murgaLua using?
Where can I download murgaLua?
Where can I download current developer previews?
Are there prebuilt binary versions for murgaLua available?
Are there examples of projects made with murgaLua available?
Do I have to build the source code?
Do I have to compile and install other libraries?
How to build the source code for Mac?
How to build the source code for Windows?
How to build the source code for Unix?
What is Lua?
What are lua scripts?
What is FLTK?
What are FLTK Widgets?
What is Fluid?
What is LuaSocket?
What is Copas?
What is a socket?
What is a port?
Where is /usr/bin/?
What graphic formats are supported?
What is PNG?
What is XPM?
Does murgaLua support networking?
Does murgaLua support sound?
How to create a custom window?
How should I start learning murgaLua?
Where can I find the Examples directory?
How to run murgaLua scripts?
Why won't my script run?
How to exit scripts?
How to make custom murgaLua applications?
What murgaLua API calls are available?
How to script Hello World?
How to loop scripts?
How to add an ftlk widget to a window?
How to add an fltk widget to a group?
How to add an image?
How to make a widget respond to a click?
How to make a widget respond to a key?
How to get to widget parameters?
How to save data?
How to compile the scripts to binary for Mac?
How to compile the scripts to binary for Windows?
How to compile the scripts to binary for Unix?
Who are the makers of murgaLua?

What did I miss?

RE: Ask a Murga - mikshaw - 02-11-2008 10:35 AM

I think some of those questions could be combined, since they are merely sub topics, such as the Image/xpm/png questions. But maybe they'd be 24, 24a, 24b, etc?

RE: Ask a Murga - iGame3D - 02-11-2008 11:11 AM


The list kind of just points to the obvious questions a person
who needs the FAQ might be pondering. The program author and
his compadres with keyboards ultimately decide what and how to answer.

I had to avoid editing the list to ask 101 "how do I make a game?" questions.

So what is XPM?