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Fluid Syntax Analysis Hack - iGame3D - 02-26-2008 09:55 AM

When making code blocks in Fluid it complains about curly braces and quotation marks.
Even if they are in lua comments or legal lua commands.

Tobi did a quick and dirty hack to prevent it from doing so.
Here's how its done.

In your fltk/fluid directory
is a file called Fl_Function_Type.cxx
search for this:

const char *c_check(

replace this function

const char *c_check(const char *c, int type) {
  return 0;//Hack by Tobias Opfermann, disables Fluid syntax analysis to enable use of other languages in the code blocks.
  //return _c_check(c,type);

then to rebuild

cd <fltk folder>
make clean
./configure --enable-xft