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MurgaLua 0.6.9 - Most of the coding is done - Features - JohnMurga - 08-26-2008 12:28 AM


OK, I want to update the documentation over the next few days and make this a full blown release, as with my 0.7.X and Puppy work it may be a while until the next 0.6.X release ...

Also, this won't be the last 0.6.X release as 0.7.X will be much more experimental ...
And there are still a lot of performance tweaks I can back port into 0.6.X when I get the time (which right now is the main problem - time).

Currently this is the tested list of features :

Changes :

Misc fixes (core murgaLua and FLTK)
Compilation optimizations for all platforms.

Added support for trapping all non captured FLTK events :


    This allows for better control of things like the DND events, etc.
The start of the "debug" API in murgaLua :

    (printTable replaces murgaLua.printDebug)

Tidied up tool/build structure a little.

Added Patrick Rapin's excellent new FLUID converter.

Build script now patches LUA and FLTK :

    LUA patch implements the "continue" statement.
    FLTK patch changes FLUID to allow for LUA callback code.

    sqLite engine upgraded to version 3.6.1 (performance and fixes)
    tinyxml engine upgraded to 2.5.3 (many fixes)
    copas upgraded to version 1.1.3 (adds better coroutine support)
    luafilesystem upgraded to version 1.4.1 (many fixes)
    luaSys upgraded to 1.3 (I think it's more stable now)
    md5 upgraded to 1.1.2 (very minor fixes)


    LuaDate  (2.0.1)   - All you need for complex date logic and handling
    cosmo    (8.04.14) - Templating library (for messages, web-pages, etc).
    lpeg     (0.8.1)   - Parsing Expression Grammar library (used by cosmo).
    coxpcall (1.13.0)  - Wraps pcall/xpcall for coroutines (used by copas).

And some examples to go with the new functionality.

Currently the executable is roughly about 20k larger than the previous build, and it is a little slower to initialize (not that you can notice it) ...
I am hoping to improve on that.

John de Murga

RE: MurgaLua 0.6.9 - Most of the coding is done - Features - JohnMurga - 08-27-2008 07:17 PM

OK ...

Documentation not going too well, as I wanted to add a couple of new features and I found a couple of bugs.

I have implemented a tree-type control ... And fixed a couple of bugs.

A testing build will be out before the weekend.