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PDFTK frontend - jpjacobs - 10-19-2008 10:32 PM


It's a bit quiet lately, so I thought i should break the silence Cool.
Lately my dad had to extract some pages from a huge PDF file, and I wrote a little murga script that does that , using the amazing pdftk (
If you want to use it:
get pdfttk, (if you're on windows, it will work like that, linux/macos will need a tweak i guess). Then run the script, it will generate a config file (commands.txt). Edit it to be correct, and rerun the script... now that should work Wink For ease of distribution / foolproofing, one can use the murgaLua compiler.

Now i was thinking it would be great if we could write a more general (using more of the possibilities pdftk has), in a more guified (read average-daddy-proof) multiplatform frontend for it.
I already wrote another script to have murgalua write a shell script to have scans of even and odd pages (like the stuff you have when using a scanner with document feeder).

So if anyone wants to help, but i'm not (yet) enough experienced in the guistuff part...