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Problems with scite editor and murgalua - xleitex - 06-05-2007 12:23 PM

Hi all,

i use scite editor to make my lua scripts, when i use the oficiall lua interpreter they return a output, but murgalua give me an error, this error occur when i use fltk library...
>win = fltk.Fl_Window( 100, 100, "my window!")
so i wait for a output replye and ... nothing, i saw the systems process and murgalua took 90% of Processor, but if i use a interface of murgalua the things occur very well. what is the problem?

...j. murga thanx to replye my thread and explain something
but i´m a searching for something looks like a fltk library to use together...

Thanx in advance!

RE: Problems with scite editor and murgalua - iGame3D - 06-05-2007 01:38 PM

Scite editor is using definitions from its API files found here

I don't think it knows to pass anything in its interface over to murgaLua,
and vanilla Lua won't know FLTK so it reports everything as undefined.
I have the same problem with Lua when it encounters murgaLua  and when either of those encounters iGame3D commands.

I believe you'll have to modify or duplicate and rename SCITE's Lua API files to make it work with murgaLua.

Also  the syntax is wrong in your example.
Should be a colon instead of period between fltk and Fl_Window.

win = fltk:Fl_Window( 100, 100, "my window!")