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Squish sourcecode squisher - jpjacobs - 10-11-2010 09:02 PM

In the spirit of the possibility of using murgalua_core etc, I thought this could be of interest.
It's a source code squisher combiner, which reduces the size of a pure Lua project and combines them in a self extracting lua executable.
And it packs arbitrary resource files along with the code... The only thing required is Lua itself. When not using the gzip module, loading times are only increased by hunderds of a second compared to the uncompressed sourcecode.

For example: the Widgets Demo (Beta 4) weighs in (all inclusive) at 984kB
squish --virtual-io --minify-level=full -> 79kB (8.0 % of original size)
squish --virtual-io --minify-level=full --uglify --uglify-level=full -> 58kB (5.8% of original size)
squish --virtual-io --minify-level=full --uglify --uglify-level=full --gzip -> 25kB (2.5% of original size)

And as a pure-Lua library it works marvelous with murgaLua Smile

link to luaforums (announcement sporting a striking example):



RE: Squish sourcecode squisher - JohnMurga - 10-13-2010 06:54 AM

Wow, it is all happening at the same time ...

They just released this version a couple of days ago.

I did look at this a little time back, but now it seems a lot better.

Thanks for the links

John de Murga