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Library management system - jpjacobs - 11-28-2010 11:17 PM

Hi all.

Last year I worked in Bolivia in a development cooperation project, and I wrote an integrated library management system, using Orbit and LuaRocks. This system takes care of cataloging all copies of all books in a library, manage users, reservations, loans, and allows for electronic documents to be attached to books. All interactions are through a webinterface. It's available under the MIT license.

Now, I think that the thing that murgaLua really misses is a name and fame. For a software runtime, I think the way to obtain a good name is to have medium to big projects written in, or ported to murgaLua.

So if anyone is interested in helping to port this project to murgaLua, please let me know. I'll be setting up a github account shortely , in the meantime you can take a sneakpeek at For the moment it's really orbit-centric, so almost all db interactions are through orbit, but I tried my best to keep a good model-view-controller separation.

Edit: available on github at