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test: emulating 3D rotation - mikshaw - 05-11-2011 12:10 PM

This is a test of an idea that just popped into my head.
I sometimes make GIF animations of 3D models showing a 360-degree
rotation of the model. GIFs are limited, though, in that they can't be
paused or reversed. A video format could do this, but it's much easier
just to do it the way it would be controlled in a 3D app, by dragging.

With this project I'm attempting to emulate 3D rotation by using a series of
images, which are changed according to the location of the mouse while dragging.

The script reads a directory of images, which can be changed by dragging the
mouse back a forth. If your images are reversed (rotating right-to-left),
using the middle or right mouse button will change the images in reverse,
so it appears to drag the object in the proper direction.

One day I might try to take it a step further by rotating vertically,
but for now I'm okay with a simple turntable. I'm thinking it could
also be taken into other directions, such as making clickable hotspots
or something like that, but that's also just a passing thought.

RE: test: emulating 3D rotation - jpjacobs - 05-13-2011 04:16 AM

That's actually pretty convincing Smile

RE: test: emulating 3D rotation - mikshaw - 05-29-2011 03:26 AM

found this a few days ago:
It does a better job of doing exactly what I was trying to do, and makes it available to more users since it uses just html & javascript...something nearly everyone already has access to. And it's GPL.

I may continue working on this idea in murgaLua if I find some reason to incorporate it into an application, but for now I'm going to be playing around with 3DNP.