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introduce myself - chuckt - 06-25-2007 03:41 PM

Hello everyone,

I don't really have any questions right now. I just wanted to introduce myself becasue I know that I will as my project progresses.

My name is Chuck Tilbury. I live in Washington state, USA. I am planning to use murgaLua to write a simple business application to track my customers and all. It will be called CVI for Customers Vendors and Inventory. I have been planning it for a long time. All of the off-the-shelf software (such as Quickbooks and AppGen) has a bunch of stuff that I dont need and lacks some things that I do need.

I have been writing embedded software in C and ASM for over 20 years, but I am new to Lua. The business that I am attempting to create is to make hand made musical instruments. Check out my web site at, if you want to know more. During the day I am the mild mannered software developer and during the night I am the mad whistle maker... Smile

I tried to build my own murgaLua, but without success. There are a lot of dependencies that I do not have installed. Is there a step-by-step HOWTO somewhere that tells how to get that done? I am currently using Fedora 6 as my main work platform.

Thanks, guys!

RE: introduce myself - JohnMurga - 06-25-2007 07:53 PM

No need to re-build ...

The XFT binary bundled with the distribution should be fine on Fedora 6.

It is bin/Linux/murgaLua ...

If you are having probs let us know.

As for the build process, you'll find it in another thread ... But I'll add the instructions to the documentation shortly.


RE: introduce myself - mikshaw - 06-26-2007 02:22 AM

Hi chuckt
The instructions are available in the README, but the dependencies are not listed there. The most visible necessities are listed on the murgaLua.html page:
* The FLTK toolkit (1.1.x).
* Lua itself (5.1.x)
* SqLite (3.3.x)
Also mentioned on that page (but not mentioned specifically as a dependency) is LuaSocket.

Besides that, X headers are needed. I can't think of anything else that would be needed that just about every distro doesn't already have.