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  Thread: FINALLY - A new release
Post: RE: FINALLY - A new release

Wow! The tables look amazing. It's so cool to to write a modern GUI app (tree, grids and everything!) and have it run on Linux and Windows without having to install, symlink, or upgrade anything. O...
mjaksen MurgaLua - General 9 492,163 03-31-2014, 05:46 PM
  Thread: 64 bit Linux build?
Post: 64 bit Linux build?

Hi John, Is there any chance for a 64 bit Linux build? With Win8 and UEFI, some of us can only run 64 bit Linux now, but we don't want to leave MurgaLua behind. Thanks Marc
mjaksen MurgaLua - General 2 87,794 04-11-2015, 03:40 PM