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  Thread: MurgaLua 4.1 + LuaJIT 1.1.3 works
Post: MurgaLua 4.1 + LuaJIT 1.1.3 works

Hi all-- My first post here. I just started looking at Lua a few days ago, so beg pardon if this topic has been covered before or is trivial. I didn't find anything using forum search or Google ...
Foozle MurgaLua - General 1 5,120 07-11-2007, 03:45 PM
  Thread: Lua editor
Post: RE: Lua editor

Hi all-- I use "Smultron", a simple programming editor. Lightweight, freeware, and has Lua syntax support. OSX only, though.
Foozle MurgaLua - General 19 37,981 07-31-2007, 08:08 PM
  Thread: MurgaLua version fully source compatible with 5.1.4?
Post: MurgaLua version fully source compatible with 5.1....

Built MurgaLua with LuaJIT 1.x a couple years ago. Fast and compatible. I'm interested in building a version of MurgaLua with LuaJIT 2.0 (as it evolves) Is there a stable source-available version o...
Foozle MurgaLua - General 3 6,820 03-27-2010, 09:41 AM
  Thread: FINALLY - A new release
Post: RE: FINALLY - A new release

Marvelous! Been away a long time (4 years?). DELIGHTED to see that MurgaLua now supports luajit2, (and many other additions, it seems) Fast MurgaLua + new additions + FFI = lots of fun! Th...
Foozle MurgaLua - General 9 491,952 05-29-2014, 08:51 AM