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New murgaLua 0.5.5 release !!
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New murgaLua 0.5.5 release !!

Err ...

I guess this may come as bit of a surprise, but I have decided to cut my losses and make a formal murgaLua release ... There are still a few things I want to work on, and the documentation is currently a joke, but I wanted developers to at least have more of the platform to work on.

This release is also special because it introduces a few incompatibilities with previous releases :

  • ALL the murgaLua file handling fuctions have been removed in favour of LuaFileSystem.
  • The XML interface has changed somewhat, the changes here aren't really dramatic, but I believe it's a bit more useful now :-)
    (Thanks to znarf for some ideas!).

I feel the pain of moving over to LuaFileSystem is more than worth it, but I apologize to those who will now have to change their scripts ...
I promise to keep this kinda shit to a minimum.

So please be careful, this may break your old scripts ...

Either way my current situation (I am still homeless), and my workload are going to make progress over the next few weeks quite hard ...
So I ask you to bare with me and be patient :-)

I am also on holiday for most of this week ...

Anyway, the release can be found here :

(With Intel Mac binaries courtesy of iGame3D - Thanks!!)

And the changes from the last formal release (0.4.1), are as follows :

  • MAJOR changes to the XML API and addition of the lua-iostring library.
  • Fl_Text_Buffer, Fl_Text_Display, Fl_Text_Editor are back and they work now (!).
  • Decent database example and documention for sqLite usage (Uses Fl_Text_* too!).
  • Fixed some build, FLTK issues and misc warnings (fl_ask has been removed).
  • Started re-structuring examples and documentation.
  • Also integrated Copas, LuaLzo and LuaFileSystem.
  • LuaFileSystem now takes over from the previous murgaLua functionality.
  • New function "murgaLua.createFltkTimer()" - Good for responsive animation and stuff.
  • New function "murgaLua.getHostOsName()" returns one of "linux", "windows" or "macos".
  • New function "murgaLua.sleep(miliseconds)" (reliable system level).
  • convertFluidToMurguaLua fixes based on forum feedback.

Let's see, what is left to say ? Err ... Well, this is what I currently have on my todo list for the future :

  • cinvoke, although I am concerned about how well it works on some platforms, so I may well have to give it a miss :-(
  • Fl_Table ... The issue here is making the Lua implementation easy to use, I am currently working on this one, and it WILL be coming.
  • Misc Fltk binding enhancements - There are a few on the way, like quite a few unimplemented methods, and version 1.1.8 of Fltk is promising to fix MANY OSX and Linux bugs.
  • Although current snapshots seem to increase the size of murgaLua by 100k (!!!!)
  • murgaLua compiler - I actually have a working prototype of this, it uses the new LZO functions and will defenetly be in the next release.
  • The version of sqLite bundled with murgaLua is likely to stay at 3.3.13 until those people make their build system more sensible again.
  • Sound - I never intended murgaLua to have sound support, however, so many people have requested it that I am still looking at this ... I don't want to give murgaLua any more external dependencies or make it much heavier, so it's a bit tough, although I do have basic code for Linux and Windows, so I guess MacOS is the problem here :-(
  • Showcase apps, documentation, and other issues on my roadmap ... Obviously all that hasn't gone away :-)

Anyway, that was a bit long ... I hope everyone is still awake (or that someone got down this far!!).


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