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someone with mad math skills, help please
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RE: someone with mad math skills, help please

I like this version best so far
EDIT: I think the warp equations might be in need of even more work. It looks fine on my 1024x768 resolution, but I think higher resolutions might end up with a lot of empty space.

balls=1500 -- number of dots
bsize=2    -- dot size
max_grav=6 -- maximum gravity
hole=20    -- distance from cursor within which dots warp

function grav_loop()
local my_x,my_y=Fl:event_x(),Fl:event_y() -- cursor location
local xspeed,yspeed,bx,by -- initialize some local vars
local c=math.random(1,255) -- random color (except black)
  for i=1,balls do
    -- find distance of dots from the cursor
    local xdistance=math.abs(my_x-ball[i]:x()) -- horz distance from cursor
    local ydistance=math.abs(my_y-ball[i]:y()) -- vert distance
    local distance=math.sqrt(xdistance^2+ydistance^2) -- as the crow flies
    if distance <= hole then
      ball[i]:color(c) -- set the color of the dot about to be warped
      -- These equations have no defined mathematical logic behind them.
      -- I was just playing with numbers until something cool happened.
      -- xspeed and yspeed are actually distance measurements (how far to move the dot in one loop)
      -- random offset prevents the dots from eventually converging on a single x-y intersection
      -- thanks to Juergen for help with this
    -- move the dot according to its relative position to cursor
    if my_x > ball[i]:x() then bx=ball[i]:x()+xspeed else bx=ball[i]:x()-xspeed end
    if my_y > ball[i]:y() then by=ball[i]:y()+yspeed else by=ball[i]:y()-yspeed end

-- make the window the size of your screen
w=fltk:Fl_Double_Window(Fl:w(),Fl:h(),"gravity test")

math.randomseed(os.time()) -- set a seed for upcoming math.random()
-- set up dots in random locations
for i=1,balls do

grav_timer = murgaLua.createFltkTimer()

w:cursor(66) -- cross

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