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murgaLua to html
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RE: murgaLua to html

Made a few improvements to it this morning.
It's still sloppy, but the results are better than before.
I'm hoping it will eventually create w3c compliant HTML, but that will be a last step. First I need to deal with setting the output filename dynamically (just haven't bothered to fix that yet) and try to work out nested/multiline stuff.

rc="#FFFF00" -- color for reserved words
pc="#00FFFF" -- "name.function" functions
fc="#00FFFF" -- lua functions
sc="#FF0000" -- strings
nc="#FF0000" -- numbers
mc="#00FF00" -- methods
wc="#FF00FF" -- FLTK classes
ec="#FF0000" -- FLTK constants
cc="#0000FF" -- comments

reserved={ "and","break","do","else","elseif","end","false","for","function","if","in",
           "local","nil","not","or","repeat","return","then","true","until","while" }
package={ "copas","coroutine","debug","fltk","gzip","io","lfs","lzo","math","md5","mime",
          "murgaLua","os","package","random","socket","sqlite3","string","table","zlib" }
funk={ "_G","_VERSION","assert","collectgarbage","dofile","error","getfenv","getmetatable",
       "tostring","type","unpack","xpcall" }

function parse_table(tab,color,pre,post)
for i=1,table.getn(tab) do
  mystring=string.gsub(mystring,[i],"%1<font color="..color..">%2</font>%3")
if input then
print("<html><head><title>"..filename.."</title></head><body bgcolor=black text=white><pre>")
for line in io.lines(filename) do
mystring=" "..line.." " -- spaces allow %W to work with beginning/end of string
mystring=string.gsub(mystring,"(%D*)(%d+)(%D)","%1<font color="">%2</font>%3") -- digits (do this before any colors are defined)
mystring=string.gsub(mystring,'(".-")',"<font color="">%1</font>") -- quotes
mystring=string.gsub(mystring,"(%:%l.-)(%()","<font color="">%1</font>%2") -- methods
mystring=string.gsub(mystring,"(%W)(fltk%:Fl[_%w]*)(%W)","%1<font color="..wc..">%2</font>%3") -- fltk:Fl_*
mystring=string.gsub(mystring,"(%W)(fltk%.FL[_%u]*)(%W)","%1<font color="">%2</font>%3") -- fltk constants

-- wipe out formatting from "--" comments
if commentstart then
  if commentstart == 1 then
    mystring="<font color="">"..mystring.."</font>"
    mystring=firststring.."<font color="">"..secondstring.."</font>"


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03-10-2008 05:44 AM
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