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Distribution ideas?
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Distribution ideas?

Hey guys,

I think that murgaLua is the magic pill that computing needs right now. Far too many other frameworks are bloated, inconsistent across platforms, or restricted by the rules of large corporations. Even other Lua frameworks such as LOVE2D feel very limited to the specific purpose(s) they were designed for, or don't include the dependencies, or are too hard to use, etc. etc. But not murgaLua! This solves all of the problems I've had with Java and Python, and it doesn't force me into using ActiveState software. Great work here.

The only thing I wonder about now is how to set up a program to run from a "double-click" or a "start" or "run" command. I mean, calling the interpreter is fine when you're running a command-line program, and batch files are handy in a development environment, but I sort of hope for a more user-friendly solution. Here are some conclusions I have arrived at:

1. MurgaLua programs are in a file format. Their file extension is .lua, but there is nothing in them that says to use murgaLua. There are specific dependencies, sure, and you can use the #!usr/bin/lua or whatever, which is appropriate for Linux, but on Windows there's really nothing to make these scripts "just work" unless you associate the .lua file extension with murgaLua. If you named your main entry point file something.mlua for example, you could associate .mlua with murgaLua as executable Lua files and leave the .lua files as lua library files.

2. When distributing the Win/Mac/Linux runtimes with your program scripts, it could be quite tempting to rename murgaLua to YourProgramName, but the problem is that as far as I know murgaLua does not look for a main entry point file. Therefore, you would need a separate executable to specifically look for main.lua or main.mlua if you don't want the primary way for people to access your program be a .bat/.sh/.command file. In that case, it would make sense to compile this start-up program with murgaLua. This is where I'm stumped.

2.1. I can't get the compiler to work. I tried to compile calculator.lua and it gave me an error, but calculator.lua works just fine on its own running it on the interpreter. There is no documentation on this that I can find.

2.2. I don't have a lot of Lua experience. I was wondering if there is a way to make murgaLua run an outside Lua file from the inside after the runner has been compiled. This way, we avoid doubling up the interpreter binaries and bloating the install folder.

Thanks for making and/or supporting a great program! I'm sure I will have more questions and hopefully answers to other people's questions in the future.

EDIT: I just noticed that every thread here has tens of thousands of views. Spambots?

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