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testing presence of ML feature
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RE: testing presence of ML feature

mikshaw Wrote:
I've been doing various version checking tests on all versions from 0.1 to current (excluding 0.2, which I never had for some reason).
Both 0.5.5 and 0.6.PRE-RELEASE have a version string of "0.5.5". According to John there won't be a final 0.6 release, so as far as 0.6 is concerned its version string will be permanently wrong. This leads me to believe that testing for "0.6" as a minimum version string should be actively discouraged. It won't work properly if the script has features that were first adopted in 0.6, because it will assume your version is too old if you're using 0.6.

So my suggestion when it comes to using the version string as a test is either to retain 0.5.5 support in your script or skip to 0.6.5 when it is released. Otherwise you'll need to test for specific features in the required minimum version, which isn't quite as reliable unless you can be guaranteed that all features currently in 0.6 will remain in all future versions.

I don't know, what you mean. The funtion tests if a certain version is higher than another version.
The function makes the following assumtions:
There version strings are of the form "x" or "x"."y" or "x"."y"."z" where the "." can be any character except a number (it will also match "0 5 5" or "5yy5" or "test5test5") and that x,y,z are not bigger than a 2 digit number.
If x_version<x_min_version then it will exit, If x_version=x_min_version and y_version<y_min_version it will exit. If x_versinon=x_min_version and y_version=y_min_version and z_version<z_min_version it will exit. In all other cases it won't.
So it doesn't matter how the strings are formed or what version it is.


02-08-2008 04:51 AM
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