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MurgaLua full release
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RE: MurgaLua full release

Hi John,

I haven't read your message since I wrote mine quite a few hours before. Unfortunately I got occupied somewhere else before I could post it and when I got back I just pressed the post reply button before I turned off the computer. (it was a little bit late/early ;-)

JohnMurga Wrote:

Juergen Wrote:
Also the userdata with the metatable isn't that different from the C++ behavior. If you want, you can add the __add meta method to get the increment behavior.

I have no desire to change the syntax to be more like C++, and to me it makes NO SENSE ... As it happens when testing my latest user_data stuff I have also found it would result in additional LUA UserData chunk creation.

I don't want the lua code to behave like if it was C++, that is not the point.

First: This was just a btw. addition to the above text and wasn't meant to be taken to seriously. I'm not even completely sure, if the functionality is really necessary.

JohnMurga Wrote:

Juergen Wrote:
I have an alternative suggestion. A few weeks ago I did a small user_data replacement implementation in pure Lua:
It is simple, works with all values (also functions or tables). I guess it isn't hard to do it in C++ with some metatable magic and hide the table somewhere.

Again, if you had looked at my other post you would have seen that I have implemented something quite similar ... And as I said the reason for this is that I wanted people to be able to associate tables and anything else they be able to do normally from Lua.

No I hadn't looked at your post. It was just a suggestion to use a table or something to store the value. The original example with the user_data("callback_function()") looked like there was some compiling involved (because the brackets had to be supplied).

Btw. Did you implement both behavior ( function my_callback(self, my_user_data) and my_user_data=self:user_data())?

JohnMurga Wrote:
Just out curiosity, what are you using murgaLua for ?

Besides from a few smaller scripts I did, I'm still evaluating it for a bigger project. It will be for a Linux development environment inside a virtualized Linux on Windows. The functionality I want to implement is something like downloading a image, creating virtual partitions, resizing partitions (with the fs), setting up the network (host guest), ...

There are still a few open questions, like calling external VB scripts or using luacom for some functionality or writing custom bindings for some functionality or using luawin or writing the code in C/C++ and make a lua module. I also haven't decided, if I want to use the socket support or libcurl or bundle a curl or wget binary and call it.


BTW.: I did a small script and wanted to embed mplayer in a fltk window. Unfortunately the fl_xid and fl_find functions are not implemented. This shouldn't add any significant overhead (in size) and would be a cool addition.

I also did some tests and noticed that the methods to control the fltk event loop (like Fl.add_idle(), ...) are missing. If I want to have none blocking network IO, I think it would make sense to call copas.step() inside the fltk event loop. Or maybe alternatively put it in its own thread.

02-18-2008 08:55 AM
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