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Lua stand-alone audio library
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RE: Lua stand-alone audio library

znarf Wrote:
ok, I had a look at the issue reported by jpjacobs, and, to my dislike, also on my machine I cannot get proteaAudio working under murgaLua Linux.

I'm wondering what could be the cause of it, my first guess was that there is something missing in murgaLua like bindings to libdl or so. Indeed, a test of murgaLua with ldd returned "Not a dynamic executable." However, then I realized that murgaLua is packed with upx, after decompression it obviously shows its binding to libdl.

So I do not have the slightest clue why there is this error. Since proteaAudio works with the unchanged standard Lua, this gives me the impression that there's something special with murgaLua. Has anyone ever been successful in creating a dynamic lua C module working with murgaLua under Linux? If yes, I'd be really keen on peeping in the Makefile. Please, if someone knows something about this, let me know, I'll happily adapt my build script.

What type of error do you get? (Is it a segmentation fault or a linker problem)

I did try it and it works without a problem. It looks like you are using an older compiler, because I had to make a few changes to compile it, but then it worked without any problems.

To comile it with a newer compiler. you have to add "#include <cstdlib>" to playAudioRt.cpp and proAudioRt.cpp. proAudioRt.cpp also needs "<cstring>" and "<climits>", while "<cstdio>" is not needed. If this changes are made it should also compile with a current gcc.

Of course you also have to explictely link it to either statically (which doesn't make sense) or dynamically. Therefore you need a compatible installed in a place where the dynamic linker can find it. While murgaLua is statically linked against liblua, it unfortunatelly doesn't extort those symbols and it also has no dependency for liblua set. Therefore your library needs the liblua dependency, so that the linker can load it and resolve those symbols. If you wan't to use a precompiled library that isn't exlicitely linked against liblua, then you can still preload it like: "LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ murgaLua my_app.lua"


01-26-2009 10:52 AM
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