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feedback please
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RE: feedback please

Well, I've been investigating a bit on the red colorchannel thing, and it seems that fltk itself (tested in C++) has no problems with 255,0,0 , but murgaLua does... so it seems something has gone wrong :color() method. (it's not in the fl_rgb_color(r,g,b) function, I tested with :color(0xff000000)).
I'll try to find the culprit in the sources.

Edit: After looking around in the code, I guess the error would be in the lua_call2_Fl_Widget__color function near line 18584 in bind-fltk.cxx. My C++ foo is a bit low, so I can't actually spot the error. (I've got a hunch its something with the elaborate casting being done there...).

In the meantime, I've come up with a script which also demonstrates the problem:

-- proggie to gradually change a window of color between 3 colors listed below
colors = {{255,0,0},{0,255,0},{0,0,255}}

function mix(x,colors) -- in radians, 0 = c1, 2pi/3 = c2 4pi/3=c3
    local function sel(x,rot)
        local res= math.max(0,math.sin(x*3/2+rot))
        return res
    local r,g,b,r1,r2
    return fltk.fl_rgb_color(r,g,b)

function run_anim_cb()
    local cur_col = mix(pos,colors)
    print(string.format("set color 0x%08x , got color 0x%08x .",cur_col,w:color()))


while (Fl:event_key() ~= fltk.FL_Escape)  do

This should give a nice colorchanging window, but it get's stuck when it starts printing out 2 different numbers.

PS: this problem is still present in the 0.7 snapshot.

greetings, JP

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11-29-2010 10:08 PM
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