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feedback please
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RE: feedback please

The FLTK documentation says:

void set_color(Fl_Color, uchar, uchar, uchar);
void set_color(Fl_Color, unsigned);

Sets an entry in the fl_color index table. You can set it to any 8-bit RGB color. The color is not allocated until fl_color(i) is used.

That might explain that you don't see a change directly

For the getcolor thing: the FLTK docs give 2 possible uses of getcolor: one with 1 argument, one with 4.
The one argument version simply returns 1 value (the Fl_Color, which in fact is 0xRRGGBBII where RR,GG,BB are the RGB values, and II is the index of the color in the palette).
The 3 last arguments of the 4 argument version are references to variables where the function will leave the RGB values, at least that's in C++. If I'm interpreting the fltk binding code correctly, in Lua it just returns the RGB components, and the 4 argument thing is just for signalling we want the seperate components too. As such, it's just an artifact of a limitation in C++ that doesn't exist in Lua, so I think it wouldn't be bad to simply always return everything (so Fl_Color, R,G,B). More generally it wouldn't be a bad idea to look for other functions which have references (or whatever the &var is), I think lots of times they are used for emulating a multi-value return.

So putting it shortly: merge these functions to one, returning the Fl_color and 3 components, without requiring the 4 arguments.



12-06-2010 10:05 AM
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