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What does sleep do exactly.
If I set a high value like 100, I get a really slow play, but sleep 10 doesn't affect anything.

I imagine the glitchiness stems from the processor updating the movement faster than the
video card can update the screen. Just a guess. Can't seem to find any values on how fast
any video card actually updates the screen relative to how many times a loop cycles.

To keep the ball from speeding up on its own, change:
maxballspeed=9 -- to whatever you find comfortable
ballspeedinc=0.2 -- to zero if you want no auto speed increase, some

Do you still get keyboard delays with sleep?
I tried to run a test with Fl:event_text() to see what happens when you press a key.
Without the key held (and sleep 10) it returns to nil for about 20 cycles between my fastest ability to double tap it. On 3GHZ maybe its a lot more nil.
Or rather than nil, its just blank, since printing the result doesn't give the usual "nil" value Lua likes to give.

This is odd because if (Fl:event_text()== "r") then MBall:redraw() end seems to retain the
status of Fl:event_text() over time instead of only being when the key is down.

I've updated the code and Fluid in the original post.
I've added a little check and label for the total distance the ball travels.
At base speed its about 60 pixels per second and top speed its 540 per second.

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