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puzzle remix
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RE: puzzle remix

I replaced the Fl_Image:getTiles() with a loop that draws a section of the buffer at a time, according to the coordinates I had already created when laying out the tile buttons. It still doesn't work for GIFs, but there's no pixel shift that you see from getTiles() may want to look at your tile function some day when you're not doing more important stuff. I think whatever algeryth...algorri...I think whatever is creating them is off by a pixel with each iteration (is that a murgaLua/Fltk mix, or is it a Fltk bug?). Even when using a tile size that divides evenly into height and width of the image, you end up with a pixel shift that increases with each row of tiles. I don't know C++, so I'm not sure what it's doing yet, but "verticalOffset" has me wondering.

Getting a weird line in the top left of some images, at the bottom of the first two tiles. It's not severe, but still means it's not as good as i'd hoped.

function set_tile_images()
  -- crop the image to iw,ih
  img_data = img:data()
  offScreenBuffer = murgaLua.createOffscreenBuffer(iw, ih)
  -- On Linux we have to clear the buffer (not on Mac or Win32)
  -- Linux will segfault unless we set the font before using fl_draw
  if img:count() > 2 then data = img_data else data = img_data[1] end
  fltk.fl_draw_image(data, 0, 0, img:w(), img:h(), 3)
  image = offScreenBuffer:getOffScreenImage()
  -- tile it up
  for i,_ in pairs(tile) do
    fltk.fl_draw_image(pos[i].col, pos[i].row, tw, th, 3)
    tileString = fltk.fl_read_image(pos[i].col, pos[i].row, tw, th)
    tile[i]:image(fltk:Fl_RGB_Image(tileString, tw, th, 3, 0))

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