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(very) basic slideshow
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RE: (very) basic slideshow

I'm not sure right now what that black would be, but it will be in development for a while so I'll definitely look into it. I'm hoping eventually to replace my use of gqview with this, at least for the typical jpg/gif/png files that comprise 90% of my image collection, since it won't require the bulky Gtk2 tool set. When it gets to a stable point I'll probably also push it as a tiny alternative to other image viewers for people who want to set up a digital picture frame with Puppy, DSL, etc.

Thanks for your feedback. Anything else you or anyone else has to say, positive or negative or just suggestions, would be welcome.

I really hope murgaLua gets the attention it deserves from other developers. The typical graphical toolkits used today are, in my opinion, rapidly becoming morbidly obese. At this time there are very few that I know of in active development that are worthy of the description "light and fast"...FLTK, Tk, and MurgaLua. With the increased power of faster processors and more ram in today's personal computers, I believe many developers waste these improvements by cramming more (unnecessary) graphically demanding widgets into their programs using the latest Qt and Gtk behemoths. The processing improvements could be better served using interpreted languages such as Tcl, Lua, and Ruby, which are much easier to customize, debug and improve since they remain plain text.

EDIT: The black frame is caused by the button coming to the top when clicked. I don't remember why I decided to separate the button and the actual image into two widgets, but this should be fixed next time i work on the script.

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